Sandbox Percussion


Sandbox Percussion press kit


“Focusing on works written, more or less, last week by composers the group knows and works with, Sandbox brought out the immediacy, lack of pretension and high-end playfulness that seems — thankfully — to be revitalizing the world of contemporary music. And their jaw-dropping virtuosity made it all seem like . . . well, child’s play.” – The Washington Post


“With a crust of skills, talent and freshness, these young artists seem to be pushing their limits up in the skys, as I realized listening to them at Yale Summer School of Music. Sandbox Percussion is the promising group of the near future, battering right on your door.”
(Aurél Holló – Amadinda Percussion Group)


“Sandbox Percussion are clearly an energetic ensemble with imagination, integrity and courage in their music making.  … Sandbox’s mix of solid technique, musicality and showmanship ensured it was a hugely enjoyable evening all around.” – I Care if You Listen


“The musicians of Sandbox threw themselves into the performance with the energy of youth and the precision of a well-established group, with a program that was both vibrant and exotic.” Feast of Music