Sandbox Percussion


Goldbeater’s Skin by Christopher Cerrone

Goldbeater’s Skin, music by Christopher Cerrone & texts by G.C. Waldrep for percussion quartet and mezzo-soprano Performed by Sandbox Percussion with Elspeth Davis


Re(new)al by Viet Cuong

Part and Parcel by Thomas Kotcheff

This is our first ever film portrait with MUSIC822. Featured in this inaugural project is Part and Parcel by Thomas Kotcheff. A huge thank you to Justin Sergi and Abe Zverow for their vision. Keep an eye out for more installments from this exciting new organization!

Point Reyes by David Crowell 

night light(ning) by Evan Monroe Chapman

Rush by Dave Molk


Pattern Transformation by Lukas Ligeti

Jason Treuting’s Extremes (Vic Firth featured performance)


Thomas Kotcheff’s hammer/ring (Vic Firth featured performance)


Omphalo Centric Lecture by Nigel Westlake (Vic Firth featured performance)



Drumming: Part 1 – Steve Reich 


Mallet Quartet – Steve Reich 

Recorded in Sprague Hall at the Yale School of Music in February 2012.